Data-driven algorithms have boosted results in almost every aspect of signal processing in recent years. Sensing technology generates data, which fuels this trend. Together with AI it leads to a better understanding of the world around us and enables new applications in the fields of Entertainment, Robotics, Factory Automation, Medical and more.

Through our deep understanding of products, services and technologies, Sony has developed unique Sensing and AI technologies that make innovations possible. When such innovation translates into products and services, it works as closely as possible to the user in real-time, expands their creativity, and spurs the evolution of lifestyles that seek enjoyment from entertainment. At Sony, we develop applications, which are integrally connected to everyday living in an array of fields rooted in the real world.

Sony will hold an Industry Session entitled “Unique assets for next-generation computer vision and AI” and explain some key technologies in more detail. Please see here for more information.