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At Facebook, we’re connecting people to what they care about, powering new, meaningful experiences, and advancing the state-of-the-art through open research and accessible tooling.

Labelbox is the training data platform for production AI. When we build software, we take for granted the existence of collaborative tools to write and debug code. The ML workflow has no standard tooling for labeling data, storing it, debugging models and then continually improving model accuracy. Enter Labelbox. Labelbox’s vision is to become the default software for data scientists to manage data and train neural networks.

Labelbox is venture backed by Andreesen Horowitz, Gradient Ventures, Kleiner Perkins and First Round Capital.

Level 5 is Lyft’s self-driving division. We’re working toward building the leading self-driving system for ridesharing, because we believe in a future where self-driving cars make transportation safer and more accessible for everyone. With fewer cars on the road and less pollution in the air, we can reshape cities around people, not cars.


Baidu is the leading Chinese language Internet search provider and the largest Chinese website globally. Baidu aims to make the complicated world simpler through technology.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, and we advance that mission every day in incredible new ways. Research across Google provides new ways of looking at old problems and helps transform how we all work and live, and we think the biggest impact comes when everyone in the world can access it. To that end, we use state-of-the-art computer science techniques to solve problems for our users, our customers and the world, making it easier for you to do things every day, whether it’s searching for photos of people you love, breaking down language barriers, or helping you get things done with your own personal digital assistant.

In addition to helping you get from point A to point B, we’re working to bring the future closer with self-driving technology and urban air transport, helping people order food quickly and affordably, removing barriers to healthcare, creating new freight-booking solutions, and helping companies provide a seamless employee travel experience.

Waymo’s mission is to make it safe and easy for people and things to get where they’re going. With fully self-driving technology we can improve the world’s mobility while saving thousands of lives. Led by the world’s foremost experts in the field, our team has a deep respect for the importance of getting every detail right. Together, we can take mobility forward.

Gold Partner

3dMD offers the most widely deployed temporal-3D (4D-motion) camera system for human subject input applications demanding textured 3D dense-surface image precision including healthcare, computer vision, wearable-tech, apparel, anthropometric, AR/VR, human factors, and security. With efficient subject workflow, 3dMD supports high-volume input to many AI-driven innovations that require anatomical fidelity. 3dMD’s robust technology has been featured in hundreds of peer-reviewed investigative research publications enumerating aspects of human form performance.

Autodesk builds the software that empowers our customers to design buildings, vehicles, machines, and even movies and video games. Located in San Francisco, Toronto, and London, the Autodesk AI Lab creates novel AI solutions for people who make things. We strongly encourage research publications and academic collaborations, as well as cross-industry collaborations. Our current projects include research in the following: geometry & geometric deep learning, inference & reasoning, and simulation & control.

AID is bringing together the world’s top software, robotics, AI and automotive talents to build a future where autonomous driving is embraced by humans. With the agility of a start-up and the support of Audi (VW Group), AID is free to craft an autonomous world that works for everyone – from manufacturers to passengers to city planners to pedestrians.

CloudFactory combines people and technology to provide cloud workforce solutions to prepare data for machine learning. Our managed teams can process data with up to 25% higher accuracy than crowdsourcing using virtually any tool. Trusted by 170+ companies, we label data for 11 of the world’s top autonomous vehicle companies and process millions of tasks a day for innovators including Microsoft,, Ibotta and nuTonomy. To learn more, visit

Scale AI’s mission is to accelerate the development of AI applications. We do this by providing customers with a fully managed, end-to-end AI solution. Our flagship data annotation products include labeling for images, videos, 3D sensor data, text and audio.

SILVER Partner

Deepen AI is a Silicon Valley Startup focusing on annotation and validation of multi sensor autonomous vehicles and ADAS. We manage the Safety Pool initiative working with regulators and all the leading LiDAR/Camera/Sensor makers, tier 1 automotive suppliers, Automotive OEMs, and AI/Robotics solution providers.

Our solutions are configurable and include software licensing and professional annotation services.

Mapillary is the street-level imagery platform that scales and automates mapping using collaboration, cameras, and computer vision. Mapillary combines images from any camera into a visualization of the world that generates map data for improving maps, developing cities, and advancing the automotive industry. Mapillary’s tools enable anyone to collect, share, and use street-level images in order to make better maps.

Today, people and organizations all over the world upload millions of images on a daily basis to Mapillary. More than a billion images and the data in them are now available to anyone through Mapillary, with clients and partners including the World Bank, HERE, and Toyota Research Institute.

The MATLAB and Simulink product families are fundamental applied math and computational tools adopted by more than 5000 universities and colleges. MathWorks products help prepare students for careers in industry, where the tools are widely used for data analysis, mathematical modeling, and algorithm development in collaborative research and new product development.

Understand AI believes that AI is the most powerful tool our generation has at
hand. Making it accessible to as many organisations as possible will get
society to the next level.

We enable you to get
* The right data
*  At the right quality
* At the right quantity
to bring AI into real-world products like self-driving cars.

In short we are solving the AI data problem by providing a world class tool
chain to produce annotation-, validation-data and scenarios as well as
services to scale your annotation efforts.

ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. In the previous fiscal year, the ZEISS Group generated annual revenue totaling more than 6.4 billion euros in its four segments Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Quality & Research, Medical Technology and Consumer Markets (status: 30 September 2019). With over 31,000 employees in more than 50 countries around the world, ZEISS contributes to technological progress since over 170 years.

City Brand Partner

Glasgow Convention Bureau is the city’s primary point of contact for conference organisers, working with partners to bid for major UK and international conferences. Voted Best UK Convention Bureau for the last 13 years, Glasgow’s experiences conventions team offer free and impartial support for anyone organising a conference in the city.

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