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As a creative entertainment company, Sony seeks to use technology to unleash the potential of human creativity. For artists and creators who produce entertainment, this means supporting efforts to raise their creativity to the next level. And for people who enjoy entertainment, Sony aspires to transform their lifestyles. Our innovations will create a new culture which brings more inspiration to people’s lives. Sony is also breaking into new fields like agriculture, medicine, and education with initiatives for a sustainable society on a global scale. ​For this purpose, we want to leverage our world-class imaging and sensing solutions with next-generation algorithms and AI for our future products.

Dramatically reduce the costs and time it takes to create high-quality training data for your computer vision projects. Labelbox is the leading training data platform for AI applications. We help teams annotate, manage and iterate on labelled data at scale so that they can focus on building what their customers want. Try it for free at

At Facebook, we’re connecting people to what they care about, powering new, meaningful experiences, and advancing the state-of-the-art through open research and accessible tooling.

Microsoft Research is where leading scientists and engineers have the freedom and support to propel discovery and innovation. Here, they pursue and publish curiosity-driven research in a range of scientific and technical disciplines that can be translated into products. With access to vast computing power, global multi-disciplinary teams tackle complex problems that drive breakthrough technologies and improve lives.


At Uber, we believe the future of mobility is increasingly shared, sustainable, and automated. Developing self-driving technology is one of the biggest technical challenges of our time. If successful, these vehicles have the potential to make our roads safer and transportation more affordable for everyone.

Raquel Urtasun

Chief Scientist, Advanced Technologies Group Uber

Tencent YouTu Lab is an AI research department in Tencent, which is a main part of Tencent AI Strategy. Following the user-oriented philosophy and the productization principle, we focus on applying machine learning, pattern recognition and image cognitive technologies to real-world scenarios and rapidly become one of the world top groups in AI Industry. With dozens of leading technologies, our research focuses on computer vision, covering optical character recognition (OCR), image understanding and generation etc.

Baidu is the leading Chinese language Internet search provider and the largest Chinese website globally. Baidu aims to make the complicated world simpler through technology.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, and we advance that mission every day in incredible new ways. Research across Google provides new ways of looking at old problems and helps transform how we all work and live, and we think the biggest impact comes when everyone in the world can access it. To that end, we use state-of-the-art computer science techniques to solve problems for our users, our customers and the world, making it easier for you to do things every day, whether it’s searching for photos of people you love, breaking down language barriers, or helping you get things done with your own personal digital assistant.

Qualcomm invents the solution before anyone else sees the problem. Our employees turn challenges into opportunities every day, unlocking the power of 5G and transforming its potential into world-changing technologies and products. This is the Invention Age — and this is where you come in. Learn more about exciting career opportunities with Qualcomm at

Level 5 is Lyft’s self-driving division. We’re working toward building the leading self-driving system for ridesharing, because we believe in a future where self-driving cars make transportation safer and more accessible for everyone. With fewer cars on the road and less pollution in the air, we can reshape cities around people, not cars.

Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. We have more than 194,000 employees, and we operate in more than 170 countries and regions, serving more than three billion people around the world. We are committed to bringing digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world. To this end, we will: Drive ubiquitous connectivity and promote equal access to networks; Provide the ultimate computing power to deliver ubiquitous cloud and pervasive intelligence; Build digital platforms to help all industries and organizations become more agile, efficient, and dynamic; Redefine user experience with AI, making it more personalized for people across all scenarios, whether they’re at home, in the office, or on the go.

Waymo’s mission is to make it safe and easy for people and things to get where they’re going. With fully self-driving technology we can improve the world’s mobility while saving thousands of lives. Led by the world’s foremost experts in the field, our team has a deep respect for the importance of getting every detail right. Together, we can take mobility forward.

At Amazon we fundamentally believe that scientific innovation is essential to being the most customer-centric company in the world. It’s this ability to have an impact at a scale that allows us to attract some of the brightest minds in computer vision and related fields. Come build the future with us!

Gold Partner

Autodesk builds the software that empowers our customers to design buildings, vehicles, machines, and even movies and video games. Located in San Francisco, Toronto, and London, the Autodesk AI Lab creates novel AI solutions for people who make things. We strongly encourage research publications and academic collaborations, as well as cross-industry collaborations. Our current projects include research in the following: geometry & geometric deep learning, inference & reasoning, and simulation & control.

We’re a diverse collection of people, reimagining what’s possible to help us do what we love in new ways. The people who work here have reinvented entire industries with the Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, and with services, including iTunes, the App Store, Apple Music, and Apple Pay.

Employees in machine learning and AI are building amazing experiences into every Apple product, allowing millions to do what they never imagined. Because Apple fully integrates hardware and software across every device, these researchers and engineers collaborate more effectively to improve the user experience while protecting user data. Come make an impact with the products you create and the research you publish.

3dMD offers the most widely deployed temporal-3D (4D-motion) camera systems for human subject input applications demanding textured 3D dense-surface image precision including healthcare, computer vision, Artificial Intelligence, robotic training sets, wearable-tech, human factors, apparel, anthropometric, AR/VR/XR content and perception training, biometric security, etc. With an efficient subject workflow, 3dMD supports high-volume input to many AI-driven innovations that require anatomical fidelity. 3dMD’s robust technology has been featured in hundreds of peer-reviewed investigative research publications enumerating a wide variety of human form performance.

Adobe is the global leader in digital marketing and digital media solutions. Our tools and services allow our customers to create groundbreaking digital content, deploy it across media and devices, measure and optimize it over time and achieve greater business success. We help our customers make, manage, measure and monetize their content across every channel and screen.

SILVER Partner

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is led by Dr. Gill Pratt. The company, established in 2015, aims to strengthen Toyota’s research structure and develop active vehicle safety and automated driving technologies, robotics, and other human amplification technology.  Our researchers are using artificial intelligence to benefit society and improve the human condition by creating a future where everyone has the freedom to move, engage, and explore. TRI is based in the United States, with offices in Los Altos, Calif., Cambridge, Mass., and Ann Arbor, Mich. For more information about TRI, please visit

StradVision develops deep learning and camera-based embedded perception network for ADAS & Autonomous Vehicles use cases. Its novel SVNet algorithm can perceive objects and enables vehicles to execute advanced maneuvers with great accuracy while consuming minimum power and memory. Nine million ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles with SVNet are already in production and StradVision is on its way to bring self-driving to everyone.

Deepen AI is a Silicon Valley Startup focusing on annotation and validation of multi sensor autonomous vehicles and ADAS. We manage the Safety Pool initiative working with regulators and all the leading LiDAR/Camera/Sensor makers, tier 1 automotive suppliers, Automotive OEMs, and AI/Robotics solution providers.

Our solutions are configurable and include software licensing and professional annotation services.

NAVER is Korea’s premier internet company and a global leader in online services like NAVER search (30M DAU), LINE messaging (164M MAU) and WEBTOON (62M MAU). NAVER invests over a quarter of revenue in R&D and, through advanced technology, is seamlessly connecting the physical and digital worlds. Its AI and Robotics research in Asia and Europe is fundamental to creating this future. Innovation is but one core value. Others are knowledge sharing, diversity and respect.

Kuaishou is a short video social platform for users to record and share their lives, to increase every individual’s happiness through Big Data and AI technology.

With more than 300 million DAU (daily active users) and more than 20 billion short videos as of May 2020, Kuaishou enables users to record their daily lives in short videos and share memorable moments as well as interact with followers in real-time through live streaming.

SuperAnnotate is the world’s fastest annotation platform for computer vision. The platform provides a comprehensive user/data/QA management system combined with advanced ML automation features such as object predictions and proprietary image segmentation tech that increase annotation speeds by 5-10x. Our network of skilled annotation teams enabled by our platform deliver high-quality annotations at faster speeds. Backed by renowned professors Pieter Abbeel and Trevor Darrell, SuperAnnotate is helping companies build and boost their computer vision pipelines.

The Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI) was created in 2017 to achieve a leading position for Bosch in Industrial AI by conducting cutting-edge research that focuses on safe, secure, robust, and explainable AI. We employ roughly 270 associates worldwide dedicated to over 185 projects within seven locations in Germany, India, United States, Israel, Shanghai and the Netherlands. By 2025, the aim is for all Bosch products to either contain AI or to have been manufactured with its help. For more information, please visit

Smart AI starts with high-quality training data. Joining ECCV as a Silver Partner this year, Samasource is here to help you avoid the many AI pitfalls associated with bad training data. Our high quality, human-powered training data platform is used by over half of the world’s leading tech companies. Learn more about how to create high-quality training data at, or stop by the booth to chat with our expert team.

Snap Inc. is a camera company.

At Snap, we believe that reinventing the camera represents our greatest opportunity to improve the way people live and communicate. We contribute to human progress by empowering people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.

Learn about Snapchat, Spectacles, Lens Studio, and more at

The MATLAB and Simulink product families are fundamental applied math and computational tools adopted by more than 5000 universities and colleges. MathWorks products help prepare students for careers in industry, where the tools are widely used for data analysis, mathematical modeling, and algorithm development in collaborative research and new product development.

MVTec is a leading manufacturer of standard software for machine vision. MVTec products are used in all demanding areas of imaging: semiconductor industry, surface inspection, automatic optical inspection systems, quality control, metrology, as well as medicine and surveillance. By providing modern technologies such as 3D vision, deep learning, and embedded vision, software by MVTec also enables new automation solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things aka Industry 4.0.

Zalando is Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle, connecting customers, brands and partners across 17 markets. We drive digital solutions for fashion, logistics, advertising and research, bringing head-to-toe fashion to more than 32 million active customers through diverse skill-sets, interests and languages our teams choose to use.

Alegion provides a cloud-based labeling platform for efficiently and accurately annotating video, images, and text at scale in support of advanced machine learning initiatives. The platform features a rich user experience, support for defining and applying robust ontologies, and integrated machine learning that powers a high degree of automation and quality control. Customers like Airbnb, Walmart, Adobe, Motorola, Home Depot, and Microsoft leverage these features to accelerate time to value and develop highly accurate machine learning models.


Meshcapade is creating realistic human avatars to recover detailed human attributes such as bodies, faces, hands and soft-tissue movements from 3D & 4D scans, RGB-D sequences, motion capture and image data. Using machine learning and advanced graphics, we model the nuances of how humans look and move. Meshcapade avatars are already being used in a variety of fields, including research, apparel, biomechanics, virtual reality, film and as training data for newer AI-based methods.

The Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence is an independent, nonprofit research institute and global hub, developing AI solutions for social good. Our mission is to develop and apply AI-based innovations and solutions to a broad range of societal domains including healthcare, agriculture, education, infrastructure, and financial inclusion.

Voxel51 is an AI software company that enables computer vision data scientists to rapidly curate and experiment with their datasets in order to build higher-performing machine learning systems. For more information visit

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Glasgow Convention Bureau is the city’s primary point of contact for conference organisers, working with partners to bid for major UK and international conferences. Voted Best UK Convention Bureau for the last 13 years, Glasgow’s experiences conventions team offer free and impartial support for anyone organising a conference in the city.

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