When will the ECCV’20 Online take place?

The online conference will take place in the period 23 to 28 August 2020. The Workshops and Tutorials take place on 23 and 28 August. The main conference programme will run from 24-27 August 2020.  The content is accessible on demand until 1 June 2021. Registration is open now and further details can be accessed on the registration page.

I will not be available during 23-28 August. Will I still be able to access the online conference content?

Yes, the content will be available from 23-28 August as per programme schedule for all registered participants and then accessible on demand (whenever required) until June 2021.  All live activities will be recorded for later viewing but you will still be required to register. 

What are the registration fees for ECCV’20 Online?

The registration fees are as follows:

Delegate Pass

Accepted Paper Publication Fee

£125.00 Early Rate ends 20 July 2020

£450.00 Early Rate ends 20 July 2020

£150.00 Regular Rate ends 6 August 2020£550.00 Regular Rate ends 30 July 2020
£175.00 Late Rate from 7 August 2020 

The Accepted Paper Publication fee includes one delegate pass.

What is the Publication Fee Registration Requirement for Authors for publication?

Publication of the paper at ECCV’20 requires that at least one of the authors registers for the conference and present the paper. If no author from a paper pays the publication fee, then the paper will be removed from the proceedings. Every published paper must have its own paid publication fee. The revenue from this fee goes towards covering the costs of organising and running the conference. Thanks to this, we can keep the delegate registration fees low (£125 Early Rate), which in turn means many more people can attend the conference virtually.

Full details https://eccv2020.eu/author-instructions/

Why is there no student registration fee?

While we do not provide a student rate, the Delegate Early Rate is already very low at £125. This is about the same as CVPR’s $150 for students Early Rate, and now also non-students can benefit. The Registration fee is lower than at any ECCV in the previous 10 years.

Do Demonstrators need to pay the 450 GBP publication fee if their demo is accepted?

No. As normal, delegates pay a 125 GBP registration fee for each person attending the conference. At least 1 demonstrator must register, and they get full conference access. If there is no associated main conference publication, then they pay no Paper Publication Fee.

If a demonstrator is also co-author on a main conference paper, then one of the co-authors must pay the Paper Publication fee which includes one Delegate Pass that will cover the demonstration.

I am an Author. Do I need to do anything now that the conference has changed to online?

Authors will be contacted as planned 3 July (23:59 UTC-O) with decisions and instructions on how to proceed and online presentation requirements.

My video is still ‘processing’ in the Papers and Presentation Site,
what should I do?

It will take some time to process, please check back in 24-48 hours.

My video says ‘live’ in the Papers and Presentation Site, what does this mean?

This means your video has been uploaded and is now live.

Can I upload a new video to the Papers and Presentations Site?

Yes, you can upload a new video once your current vide shows as live. You can upload a new video until Sunday 2 August 2020.

I submitted my email to the Papers & Presentation Site but I did not receive an email with my login token?

Emails can take anything from 1 minute to 1 hour to appear in your mail box. If after this time you still did not receive an email it may be that your email is not associated with a paper. Each paper has an email associated with the lead author which was taken from OpenReview. If you are not the lead author you must add the lead authors email.

What is the difference between a lead author and lead presenter?

The lead author is the person who was designated as the lead author in OpenReview. The lead presenter is the person who will be presenting the paper during the conference sessions. There is no requirement that the lead author must be the lead presenter.

Do I have to use the template PowerPoint that has been provided for my presentation?

No. We have provided template PowerPoint slides for you to use should you wish to. You are welcome to use an alternative presentation mechanism e.g. Keynote, Prezi. You are required to upload a pdf copy of your presentation to the Papers and Presentation Site.

I am a Regular Delegate. When will the Program schedule for 23-28 August be available to view so I can plan my attendance?

The Program will be available from 18 August 2020 on the conference website and via the virtual platform. Delegates will be able to view the papers, the summary videos, and the full length talk videos from 18 August. All live content will be available once the conference starts on 23 August.

What do I need to attend the ECCV’20 Online conference?

To attend the online conference you will require a good internet connection, your computer/laptop and a headset/headphones as well as a valid registration. The videoconferencing platform Zoom will be used. It is recommended that if your computer/laptop is from your institution/organisation and they do not allow access to Zoom you request permission from your institution/organisation or alternatively use your personal computer/laptop.

Will the sessions be interactive? Will there be a possibility for Q&A?

In this online conference, ECCV’20 will be featuring two types of sessions; Live and Pre-recorded.

Live sessions provide the option for participants to interact with the session’s presenters via the Q&A text box available on the session page. The Q&A is only visible while the session is live (please refer to the session schedule available from 16 August 2020). This option will no longer be accessible after the session has ended.  However, you will be able to view the video recording of the questions that were asked during the live session.  Each paper also has an associated pre-recorded session where questions can be posted for later discussion.


Pre-recorded sessions hosted on the Author Library, within the virtual platform, will allow for participants to post questions to authors.

What is the CV Upload option?

ECCV’20 is offering delegates the opportunity to upload your CV to selected companies. Our partners will have access to these CV’s 6 weeks before the event until 6 weeks after the event. You will be able to nominate which companies you would like your CV to be shared with.

Will there be an Exhibition?

Yes there will be an online Exhibition with fully interactive booths allowing for one to one or group video chats. Exhibitors will present new technical developments and products. The Exhibition area will be available in the online conference platform from 24 August 2020.

If your organisation is interested in partnering with us please click below for more details.

Will all sessions be organised online? What if I am not able to join at the schedule time of certain sessions?

All sessions will be available through the Online platform until 1 June 2021. Authors may choose to continue answering questions after the conference has ended.

How will workshops and tutorials work?

This will be different for each workshop and tutorial, so check the event’s web page linked from the main conference page (see Tutorials – https://eccv2020.eu/tutorials/ and Workshops https://eccv2020.eu/workshops/). In general, there will be a combination of pre-recorded videos and live activity.

Delegates attending only workshops and/or tutorials should register using the Delegate Rate fee including workshop authors. The attendance fee covers attendance to both main conference, the workshops and tutorials.

No publication fee is due for accepted workshop papers.


I’m in time zone X. Won’t the conference be in the middle of the night for me?

Most live activities are planned to occur twice, with a 12 hour separation, so that all delegates can participate at a convenient time. However, depending on where you live, authors may have one of their two sessions at an inconvenient time.

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