Koenderink Award

“Improving the Fisher Kernel for Large-Scale Image Classification”

by Florent Perronnin, Jorge Sánchez and Thomas Mensink


“Brief: Binary robust independent elementary features”

by Michael Calonder, Vincent Lepetit, Christoph Strecha, and Pascal Fua


PAMI Mark Everingham Prize

“Multiple Datasets”

by Antonio Torralba


“COLMAP SFM and MVS software library”

by Johannes Schönberger


ECCV’20 Best Paper

“RAFT: Recurrent All-Pairs Field Transforms for Optical Flow”

by Zachary Teed, Jia Deng 

ECCV’20 Best Paper Honorable Mention

Towards Streaming Perception

by Mengtian Li, Yu-Xiong Wang, Deva Ramanan


“NeRF: Representing Scenes as Neural Radiance Fields for View Synthesis”

by Ben Mildenhall, Pratul P. Srinivasan, Matthew Tancik, Jonathan T. Barron, Ravi Ramamoorthi, Ren Ng


ECCV’20 Best Demo


by Rita Cucchiara, Matteo Fabbri, and Simone Calderara, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy

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