Frequently Asked Questions

Will the conference be postponed now it’s going online?

No. The schedule will be the same with the main conference running from 24–27 August 2020 and the workshops and tutorials running on 23 and 28 August

What structure will an online ECCV 2020 follow?

We’re still working out the details, but the structure will be approximately as follows.

  • There will be ‘orals’, ‘spotlights’, and ‘posters’
  • Springer will publish the proceedings
  • All papers will have a pre-recorded video presentation
  • Each paper will also have a short ‘highlights’ video
  • Every paper will have several hours of scheduled individual interaction time

All details will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

How will the workshops and tutorials run?

Workshops and tutorials will still happen, but there are individual details to be worked out for each. They will also have pre-recorded videos and live sessions.  More details to follow in the coming weeks.

What will the registration fees be?

There will be two fees:

  • a ‘publication’ fee for authors, which includes registration
  • a small registration fee for all other delegates

We are still working out the details of the prices.  Once these have been confirmed they will be detailed on the registration page on the website

Is there any change to the dates for paper authors?

No, the current dates are still expected:

  • Paper decisions: 3 July
  • Final paper version: 17 July

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